terça-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2008

Wanmei zhenghuo

And i wasn't any of them, as well...
I'm so far away from it,
for I got no counciousness about the proportions.
Worthless indeed, not to be talked about, not anymore.

"mais il y a logtemps que je t'aime, jamais, je ne t'oublierai"

(...) even though this heavy fluid still burns and loosens a little bit on our newborn bondness, for my own will, not for it's own! Hope you (the other one, the real one) be patiente and help me healing myself. I know you will, you already do.

I'm not conflicting, i'm just remembering...

I feel i still don't belong to him, but that even so he does already belong to me, sometimes. I accept him, he perfectly fits me as the other part of me, so that i guess i do belong to him too... sometimes. I hope so.
Haha, imagine if we did belong to each other! Hahaha...

Now, seriously ignoring all my past experiences and prudently speaking: in fact i do am still getting used to it, and wanna know? I've been feeling myself as completed and stable as i've never dared to do before (or as far as i remember) and it's been rather pleasant :)

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