segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2007

De la musique

Fiquei um tempinho sem postar, droga!

Nada demais aconteceu; meu pai voltou de São Paulo, fui na pump, reforcei amisades, me gravei tocando umas musicas e acho que melhorei muito... só isso.

Ah! Escrevi uma música:

E B Cm G Em D

My last good thoughts have all faded
since I first noticed your real being
and as you're not up to do a single thing
I'd better keep on blocking it

And now as I claim it out loud
I wish that you could just hear it
but since you'll never understand me
dunno, it's too much overstanding...

A Bb A Bb B

These things are meant to confuse us
for amuzing or growing us older,
but who's the responsible for that?
and... who cares if i'm there?

Oh, then it's seems there's no option
for my something, what should i ask for?
My something, i'd ask for an own soul...
Well, at least i think so!

A Bb A Bb B

And that's when the anger outwheights
all the pain i've stored here inside.
I'll hit a wine bottle on your head,
then you'll be drowned on your past.

Come on, I know it's not worthy.
Seeking for "that" must be worthy,
playing my guitar feels some worthy,
living's surely worthy...

i didn't like it at all...

Um comentário:

/Mr_Dohko disse...

se a musica fikou boa pq meu ingles eh pessimo(o portugues tbm ¬¬" )

mas eu adorei a tirinhaaaa